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Name:Janie Potts
Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Janie Potts


Gender: Female
Race: Black
Height: 4'11“
Weight: 125
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Type: Human - Adult

Life Points: 35
Drama Points: 20
Experience Points: 5
Citizenship: 3
banked gun-fu xp 1
banked doctor xp 1

Str: 2
Dex: 3
Con: 2
Int: 6
Per: 2
Wil: 3
Qualities (20/10)

Attractiveness (+3)
Big Damn Hero (+3)
+10 To Ally Test
Can restore 50% of another characters life points
Natural Toughness (+2)
+4 AV Vs Blunt
Brainiac (+4)
+2 to Intell
+1 to mental attr
+4 skill levels to be spread among the following (or grouped in one): Computers, Knowledge, or Science
two-point Obsession with their latest project (which can change regularly)
-1 penalty to any roll where their personal social skills are pre-eminent
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
+5 Initiative
+1 Wil Vs Fear
+3 levels Hard to Kill
+3 life points per level (9 Bonus LP)
+1 bonus to survival tests per level ( +3 bonus survival tests)
+3 Good Luck
+3 bonus to any roll, after the die is rolled, once per game session
Drawbacks (10/10)

Honorable (-3)
Any tasks requiring lying will have a -2 to -6 penalty (willpower roll), determined by the Director.
Love (-2)
choice between following her heart or her head -3 penalty (willpower roll)
Resources (0)
$15,000 in property and income of $2,500 a month before taxes
Minority (-2) [Black]
Dependent (-1) Eunice Lynn Potts
Secret (-2) Eunice Lynn's Parentage
Skills (24/20)

Acrobatics: 0
Art: 2
Computers: 0
Crime: 1
Doctor: 0
Driving: 0
Medieval: 3
Gun Fu: 1
Influence: 0
Knowledge: 5
Kung Fu: 2
Language: 1 (French, English)
Mr. Fix-It: 2
Notice: 0
Occultism: 0
Science: 3
Sports: 0
WC Farming: 2
WC Wilderness Survival: 2
Background Summary

Nearly 30 years ago, Janie was born on a sharecropping farm in Florida. Her parents left her with family, and took off, never to be seen again.

Janie Louise Potts grew up to be willful, disobedient, and her 'head was always in the clouds'. She learned just enough farming to stay out of trouble. No one was surprised when she took off as a teenager for the North. She'd run away many times in her youth, usually staying in the woods, and got in trouble frequently for stealing books and sneaking off with them.

She had big dreams as she traveled North, and intended to go to Pennsylvania and go to Cheyney State Teachers college… She got lost along the way, and needed money, so she took a job as a housekeeper. Six months later, on her third housekeeping job, she moved to Pleasantdale, working for a widower.

It was an easy job, and the employer wasn't home often. That meant she got away with a lot of her attitude problems.

Her child, Eunice Lynn, was born while living and working in Plesantdale. Janie claims that her husband went off to war(WW2) just as she took the job in Plesantdale, and died shortly afterward. Eunice is quite a bit lighter skinned than her mother, and has never met her father.


Janie has never stopped dreaming about going to college one day, and reads as much as she can so that she can get in when the time comes. She spends a lot of time trying to replicate projects or build things out of the books that her boss has in his house, though she is not always successful.

She does not think she is as smart as her boss or any of his colleuges.

Janie does not want to listen to any authority figure, but will do so if it seems important to her, or something important depends on it. She doesn't see her maid work as important, or why it matters how she dresses. She knows women are just as capable as men in most tasks, and moreso in others.


If Janie doesn't like what someone is saying, she will let them know it. If she is right, and told that she is wrong, she will get very upset and try to prove her point.

Janie is very impulsive, and follows her heart most of the time.

She tends to 'forget' to wear parts of her uniform (such as the apron, hat, sensible shoes, nylons), and occasionally wears pants if she's doing yard work and no one seems to be around. As a kid she would steal pants and wear them whenever she could.

Most of the time she wears her hair in a proper style, but sometimes she just doesn't get around to pincurling or rolling it, and she'll wear it down until her boss says something.

When not in her uniform or pants, Janie tends to dress in clothing that looks like it came from Paris, which tend to be tighter and more revealing than her neighbors would like. On Sundays she dresses modestly for church, including gloves, pearls and a hat.

Janie is also a terrible, terrible lair. She writes frequently in her journal, and keeps a pencil and scrap of paper on her to write at all times.


Janie is a live in maid for Phillip Kellar, a widower. She has lived there for the past 15 years with her daughter, Eunice Lynn.

Phillip takes very good care of Janie, and buys lots of clothes and makeup for her. Her job covers all of her and her daughter's expenses.

Phillip lives in a large house on the good end of town. He and his wife had planned for a lot of children, so it's a five bedroom home with a large yard and a swimming pool. His dead wife's room, as well as the nursery, have been closed off since she died, but Janie is instructed to clean the rooms once a fortnight.

The yard has a few topiarys in it, a flower garden and a vegetable garden.


Janie always keeps a suitcase packed, in case she gets a chance to leave.

gym shoes
under clothes
a few pairs of socks
silk scarves (replaced after hunter adventure)
nail polish
1 box ammo
tinder box
hunting knife
bowie knife
roll of twine
length of burlap
Length of canvas (added after hunter adventure)
small hatchet
gloves (added after hunter adventure)
NPC Relationships

Janie's employer is Phillip Keller, an engineer for a company a lot like Westinghouse, who worked on a lot of bombs and nuclear power things. Phillip married his college sweetheart, and they lived in Plesantdale for ten years before she tragically died of Tuberculosis. Afterward, he became reclusive and spent a lot of time on the road or at work.

His house was big and empty, so he hired a young, colored maid to live there and take care of the household. He was 'generous' enough to allow her to stay when she had her 'deceased husband's' child.

SECRET: Phillip is Lynn's father.
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